Greek solidarity group helps stranded refugees
2 June 2015 / Chris Palitzsch / Demotix / Global
"Every day several hundred refugees are stranded on the Aegean islands of Greece. As there exists no state-run support system, a solidarity group has formed in Kos to distribute food, clothes, shoes, toilet paper and hygienic towels."


Amazing teachers
20 June 2015 / Sam Barratt / Avaaz (Organization) / Twitter / Global

"We have no shoes, we have just one pair of clothes". Kids kitted out in Kos by amazing teachers & Avvaz members" (Copy)


21 June 2015 / Denis Spilet / Oceanews / France

"Ce 15 juin 2015 en début d’après-midi, à l’heure où une grande partie de l’activité s’arrête pour ne reprendre qu’à 18h, dans un restaurant devenu leur QG, des membres de l’association « Solidarité Kos » se préparent. Avec eux, 400 repas chauds, mais aussi du pain et des fruits frais."
"Solidarité Kos distribue ainsi un repas par jour, mais également des vêtements, des chaussures, quelques jouets pour les enfants. De manière régulière, ils effectuent un grand nettoyage du camp."


Humanitäre Katastrophe in der Ägäis: Griechenland geht in die Knie – EU versagt
9 July 2015 / Pro Asyl (Organization) / Germany
"Auf Kos organisieren Helferinnen und Helfer täglich die Ausgabe von 500 Mahlzeiten. Seit Ende Mai sammeln sie Nahrungsmittel bei Hotels und Restaurants ein, um sie an die Flüchtlinge zu verteilen. Etliche Freiwillige, die sich in der Unterstützergruppe „Kos Solidarity“ organisiert haben, stellen so eine Notversorgung sicher, um das Überleben der Flüchtlinge auf der Insel zu ermöglichen."


14 July 2015 /Reporter: Barbara Miller/ ABC / Australia

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Kos volunteers close down migrant food project
3 August 2015 / BBC / UK-Global

"A volunteer group on the Greek island of Kos that was feeding nearly 1,000 migrants a day says it is closing after running out of time and money."

"The 30 to 40 volunteers behind the Kos Solidarity Project were using their own funds to buy supplies and relying on donations from hotel unions.
But with little support from local officials, the project's volunteers served their final meals on Sunday.
They now hope the Greek authorities will step in to help feed the migrants'

"We had to prepare the food and that takes many hours and a lot of money," he said. "We don't have much money, we are not officials, we are just a group of friends."​


Migrant crisis: The volunteers stepping in to help
3 September 2015 / Joel Gunter / BBC / UK-Global

""We have no choice," says Mr Chertofilis. "People are starving, we cannot leave them like this. We cannot do that."
So the physics teacher's summer holiday has been spent fundraising, cooking, and distributing food and clothes to the thousands of desperate people arriving on the island. His Kos Solidarity Project now has 50 volunteers and collects donations from many more.
Led by Mr Chertofilis, ordinary men and women on Kos are working for hours before and after their day jobs, often from the break of dawn until late into the night, in an attempt to stem the humanitarian disaster unfolding on their doorsteps."


Greek Volunteers Step Up to Help Refugees
10 September 2015 / AJ+ / Global

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Volunteers help refugees survive while Europe’s leaders still search for solutions 
21 September 2015 / Eliza Goroya, Khairunissa Dhala and Lorna Hayes / Amnesty international (Organization) / Global

“There was this Syrian family: a father with a small girl. She tried to open the door of my car. I thought she must be after the food, so I asked her father what they need. ‘You have the same car as us,’ he responded, ‘but ours exploded back in Syria. Her mother died in it.’
“And then I understood what the little girl was looking for."
Konstantinos, a volunteer, looks away as he shares this story with me.